Nearly three million people in the UK play tennis, with over 2600 clubs affiliated to the Lawn Tennis Association. You can start as young as 3 or 4, and carry on into your 70s and 80s! And a game of tennis can be a fun social occasion, whatever the standard of your game.

Unfortunately, tennis is also famous for one of the injuries associated with it: the well-known 'tennis elbow'. This injury affects the muscles on the outside of the elbow connecting the upper arm bone (humerus) to the muscles of the forearm. It is often caused by lack of strength in the forearm. It can also be the result of poor technique, when a player tries to get all their power from the arm and wrist rather than from body rotation, resulting in excess stress on the elbow and wrist joints.

A second frequent tennis injury is tendonitis in the shoulder. This is often caused through overuse, with repeated overhead movements of the arm. Back pain can be a problem for those who play a great deal of tennis, because players can develop an imbalance between their right and left sides. And with all that running and stopping, slipping and sliding, tennis players are prone to their share of knee and ankle sprains!

The best way to avoid tennis injuries is by avoiding overuse. For amateurs, playing once or twice a week is fine. But if you want to play more frequently, you should follow a development programme, to ensure that you have the body strength and technique to cope with the stresses on your body.

If you suffer a tennis injury, you should see a doctor. There are a range of treatments available, depending on the seriousness of the injury. But whether you suffer from a mild chronic pain, or a short-term sprain, PainEaze Pain Relief Spray and Roll-on can give you fast relief from the symptoms, and help keep you mobile.

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